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Angelite crystal bracelet

Angelite crystal bracelet

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Angelite is a beautiful gemstone that resonates with ethereal and angelic power. It is an exceptional tool for opening pathways of communication with spirit and angel guides, or for astral travel. If you work with Angels, spirit guides or crystal healing practices, Angelite can be a powerful tool for you in all your endeavors. When you work with Angelite it imparts strength to your truest self, reminding you to move through the world with integrity and honesty. It thrives in positive energy and will surround you with a halo of positive power. The more you work with the gemstone the more you connect and bond with the Astral Realm, drawing in unseen knowledge that is hidden from the mundane world. Angelite is the stone to use when you want to improve spiritual areas of your life or when you want to receive the visions and messages of spirit guides and angelic beings.

Angelite Properties
Angelite is an opaque, pale blue to blue-grey stone, often with flecks of white or brown inclusions


•Bead size 8mm 

• Bracelet size 5-8 inches 


***Bracelets are sold as single. This listing is only for 1 bracelet***


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