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Black lava rock bracelet

Black lava rock bracelet

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Lava Stone is a highly energetic stone as it was forged in the core of the Earth, bubbling to the surface through one of many vents. The cooled magma brought upward by this natural process is what we know as Lava Rock, or Basalt. Lava Stone is light weight and is a popular stone to work with for many reasons. Lava Stone helps you evaporate the negative energy others put upon you, helps you dissolve blockages to success that form in your path, and helps you uncover your primal ties to the ancient past. This is a great stone to work with for recovering past life memories and connecting with ancestral spirits. Lava Stone is also exceptional for breaking negative cycles, ending harmful connections, and leaving behind obsessive thoughts.

Lava Rock Properties
Lava Stone is also known as Basalt or Lava Rock. It has a rough surface, distinguished by many small holes. As a naturally porous stone, it is often used with essential oils for aromatherapy.

•Bead size 12mm

•Bracelet size 5-8 inches 


 ***Bracelets are sold as single. This listing is only for 1 bracelet***


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