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Red blue and gold tiger eye bracelet

Red blue and gold tiger eye bracelet

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Tiger Eye is an exceptional gemstone for governing matters of protection.  It has a natural energy field which repels negativity and keeps the troubles of others from impacting your life.  When you are in the presence of tiger eye you will good luck is an ever-present source of power in your life.  Prosperity & luck comes to you through all available paths.  It can heal past emotional wounds and heal energy voids left by negative experiences in your journey.  It is a stone revered by ancient civilizations for its magnificent stronghold in supernatural energy.

Blue Tiger Eye (sometimes called “Hawkeye”) is a stone of great tranquility. It instills peace and solace from within and promotes positive energy. Blue Tiger Eye reduces the impact of negativity and stress in your life and encourages you to pursue good opportunities through all areas of your life. Because this stone facilitates peace it does well to quell tempers and help dissolve negative thoughts before they can take root. Blue Tiger Eye is an ethereal stone that gives guidance and support to all psychic, mancy, and divination abilities. When used during meditation it calms the Third Eye for greater clarity, connection and focus for receiving visions, intrinsic knowledge, remote viewing, and astral travel.

Red Tiger Eye
is a gemstone of passion which stimulates your sexual awareness, desire, lust, and love of pleasure. Through the cleansing powers of the gemstone, you can ferret out difficulties in a relationship related to sex. It promotes a healthy sexual environment between lovers and encourages true expression of your sexual desires. Red Tiger Eye strengthens your self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence to promote an attractive magnetism and comfort with yourself. The metaphysical properties of Red Tiger Eye reveal a healthy pulse of vigor, energy, endurance, and passion. Red Tiger Eye motivates you to go after what you want, it provides clarity to know your deepest desires, and the drive and willpower to succeed.

Red Tiger Eye looks much like traditional Tiger Eye with bands of varying shades of red instead of brown. It may also feature hematite. Red Tiger Eye is sometimes known as Dragon’s Eye or Ox Eye.


•Bead size 10mm

•Bracelet size 5-8inches 

***Bracelets are sold as single. This listing is only for 1 bracelet***


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